CD's art classes for children in The South Bay are structured by experienced art teachers that focus on every child's artistic interest. Our studio is designed to welcome all kids and to make them feel more at ease to express their creativity by having a kids club feel. 

Art Teaches


Problem Solving



Constructive Feedback




See this article by Lisa Fhillips. The top 10 skills children learn through the arts.

We teach through a step by step guide from teachers that will help develop artistic creativity for all children. We use professional watercolors, acrylics, molding clay, charcoal, graphite pencils, canvases and more to deliver the best art classes, camps, birthday parties, and private lessons for children

Stacy Teixeira, The Studio Boss, Art Teacher


"My background is with business management and and teaching pre-school.. My passion has always been children and art. I believe that art is a perfect way to build creative energy and confidence that serves well with lifetime successes. With two young children of my own, we work with art almost everyday."

"What sets our studio apart from other kids art studios cannot be put into words. You have to feel it to know it. Sit in on an art lesson with you child today!" CD 

Cathy Hertel, Glass Goddess, Art Teacher


“Working with glass had allowed me to learn, create, and enjoy the fascinating world of Glass Art in fun and unimaginable ways. I love to teach kids, teens, adults and seniors to work with glass at their own pace in their own unique ways. As a glass art teacher, my greatest enjoyment is to see my students unlock their creative abilities, and let their hand to express and discover their talents while working with glass art projects.”


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​​Meet Our Staff!

CD Hullinger, The Boss and Founder


"I have been a children's book illustrator for over 25 years. We opened up our children's art studio 6 years ago with the intent of teaching children that we are all artists with a unique creativity process. Helping children find their creative artist and to have confidence in their ability is what I love best. Once you help them release their creativity, the possibilities are unlimited."