Proud winner of Best Of Camp Award 5 Years in a Row!

Welcome to 2018 Kids Art Studio Spring and Summer Camps! During Art Camp, there are a variety of projects that we do including glass mosaic stepping stones, fused glass hanging art, landscape paintings, pencil sketched animals, glass landscapes on wood, paper sculpture animals, paper collage art and more!

Bring a lunch, 2 snacks and drinks. 

We have 2 breaks during the day, morning, and noon. During the noon break we take a walk to stretch our legs, and eat lunch at the plaza's gazebo. 


Bring a lunch, 2 snacks and drinks. We do offer tap water to drink.

NO NUTS please.

We work with glass, so wear closed toed shoes. 

So, If your child has lice, fever, or diarrhea we will inform you to come and pick them up. We do this to protect our other little artists. Upon returning you must have a Doctors note for release.

We know your kids are great kids. But we need to protect our kids too. We want you to know that their is Zero Tolerance for bullying. Bullying includes actions such as threatening other children, spreading rumors, attacking attacking another child physically or verbally, and excluding a child from a group on purpose. If this occurs, we will unfortunately have to send them home for the rest of the week with no refund. 

There will be no refunds for cancellations or Payment for camp must be made online at least one week prior to camp. We accept cash or credit cards. No checks please.  There will be no refund for camp cancellations under 3 weeks before camp date, no exceptions.CD's Art Studio reserves the right to cancel camp for any reason at any time. This would only occur under emergency circumstances such as a fire or a natural disaster. 100% refund applies and will be returned to you  within 6 months.

Different schedules at schools inspired us to make our camps available year round by day or week. Ages are 5-15. Count on Us!

We love connecting with kids and helping them get in touch with their own unique style of creativity.

Give us a call or sign up. We do need a minimum of 4 students to conduct year round camp so pass the word!